2022: A Year In Review

Another year is in the books for Word of Web! It’s hard to believe how much has happened in 2022, so I wanted to take a moment to press ‘pause’ and reflect on all of the great work our team has done over these past 12 months.

Before I dive in, let me say thank you – from the bottom of my heart – to our wonderful team, clients, and friends who have made Word of Web what it is today. We wouldn’t be here without you! Now, onto the 2022 Year In Review…

1. Lots of Cool Projects!

We had the opportunity to build websites for so many amazing companies and organizations this year: United Housing Connections (a non-profit that provides housing for people experiencing homelessness), Dreamgarten (a burnout recovery specialist), Payfluence (a HCM software company), LJS Solutions (a company specializing in displays, shelving, and material handling), and Eva Magill-Oliver (an incredibly talented artist based in Greenville, SC) – to name a few. One project that we were particularly excited about was working with Mental Health America of Greenville County to produce a statewide website for 988, a crisis line that has just gone live nationwide to offer support for people in distress. It’s a privilege to be able to work on websites that truly make a difference in people’s lives!

2. The Big Rebrand

We started 2022 with the big decision to overhaul the Word of Web brand. We had a nagging feeling that the brand visuals and messaging weren’t quite right. They didn’t exactly match the ‘personality’ of Word of Web, and they didn’t effectively convey what makes us different from other web design companies. To kickoff the rebrand, we followed a process similar to what we do for clients. We honed in on our key differentiators and values, discussed how we wanted customers to perceive us, and created voice and tone guidelines to guide content writing efforts. Next, our design team got to work creating new color specifications, font guidelines, and custom design elements. All of that work culminated in the creation of our new-and-improved website.

3. Building the Dream Team

We brought several new superstars into the Word of Web fold this year. Anthony came on as our Director of Design/Development, Scott as our Director of Writing, Kaile as our Project Lead, and Angela as our Data Expert. Even though everyone works remotely (and from different states!), our group’s collaboration is seamless. We’ve done a lot of great work together this year, and had a lot of fun doing it.

4. New Service: The Blueprint

This year, we rolled out a brand new service: the Blueprint. It’s a process similar to hiring an architect to create the blueprint for your home before having the cement poured. We do a deep-dive into clients’ website goals, their customers’ needs, competitive differentiators, industry terminology, etc., and then create a website Blueprint to guide the writing, design, and development process. Clients then have the option to implement that Blueprint with us – and so far, we’re happy to say, every one of them has!

5. Another New Service: Analytics

We also launched an Analytics program that clients can sign up for after we launch their website. Our Data Expert, Angela, builds a custom analytics dashboard that pulls website data from sources like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and presents it in an easy-to-digest format that makes it simple for businesses to glean the insights they need. With these dashboards, we can help clients make more informed decisions about potential website changes, and help them brainstorm ways to increase conversion rates.

6. Founder Factor

Last but not least, we teamed up with Designli to launch a podcast and YouTube series: The Founder Factor! On the show, I interview local entrepreneurs to learn about the strategies, ideas, and mindsets that have made them who they are – and helped them create impactful businesses. It’s been a great way for our listeners to hear an honest, personal, behind-the-scenes perspective on entrepreneurship in a way that isn’t often represented in the media.

What a great year! Here’s to another one just around the corner.

Happy holidays,

Caroline Jennings

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