Business Soul-Searching: 5 Big Changes for Word of Web’s Future

When I first started Word of Web back in 2019, I never dreamed I would be writing this blog three years later. I was just having fun making simple Wix websites for friends and family in my spare time. I never imagined that my casual side hustle would grow into an 8-person team working with clients across the country – from a hospital system in Hawaii to a kickboxing gym in New York to a national mental health organization.

Needless to say, things have changed quite a bit. At times, I myself have struggled to keep up! That’s why I took some time last year to press pause and take stock of everything. Where were we heading? What was our purpose? How could we better support our clients?

To find answers to these questions, I started doing some ‘business soul-searching.’

I conducted interviews with clients, read a dozen business books, and sought advice from mentors. A year later, I finally have some answers – and lots of business changes to show for it. We’ve gotten rid of some of our services, strengthened others, and introduced entirely new ones. And we’ve clarified our mission: smarter, more strategic web design. Here are five of the big updates I’m most excited to share with you all:

1) New Website and New Look

Our business has grown and changed a lot over the past few years, so we decided it was time to update our brand, as well. After countless rounds of brand exploration and client surveys, we finally landed on a new look – which is reflected in our new website! Although we’ll miss our signature yellow, we felt this new style better reflected what our clients look for in a website partner.

2) The Website Workshop

Website strategy is what we do best, so we decided to offer it as a stand-alone service on top of our design/development services. During this 2-hour virtual exploration, we dive into our clients’ business and website goals, audience, brand personality, budget, and more. After this workshop, we create all the foundational materials needed to bring their site to life – just like an architect would create a blueprint before getting to work building a house.

3) The Founder Factor Podcast

I launched a new podcast series, The Founder Factor, with my friends over at Designli. As a first-time podcast host, it’s been a bit of a learning curve, but an awesome experience! Our goal is to highlight founders’ personal journeys in an attempt to make entrepreneurship more accessible. If you’re interested, follow along on Spotify, Youtube, or Apple podcasts.

4) Shopify and WordPress

Although we still do Wix and Squarespace sites occasionally, we are now focusing on bigger marketing sites in WordPress, and e-commerce sites in Shopify. This shift has afforded us the opportunity to work with larger clients who need more advanced website support – like the AC Hotel in Greenville and the national 988 Crisis Line. You can check out more of our work here.

5) Word of Web Insights

We launched a new analytics program, ‘Word of Web Insights,’ to help clients continue to grow their reach and improve their conversion rate after their site goes live. We set up a custom website analytics dashboard for them, send them annotated reports each month, and meet with them throughout the year to analyze trends and brainstorm improvements. Our goal with this program is to be less of a reactive support desk, and more of a proactive partner.

Final Thoughts

We wanted each of these updates to intentionally target our purpose and to better serve all of you. It’s been such an inspiring process as our team has re-evaluated what Word of Web will be moving forward—and I’m excited to hear your thoughts as you begin to experience these changes in action.

That’s all for now! Thank you for your continued support along this crazy journey that is running a business.

Founder and Creative Director, Word of Web



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