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We’ve created a fresh approach to web design — one rooted in transparency, strategy, and partnership. We care deeply about each of our client’s success, and our dedication to your project will show it. 

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What Sets Us Apart

We’re not a traditional web design company that simply asks what you want and makes it. We’ll dig into your goals, audience, and budget, and then work together to brainstorm and build the right solution for your website. Plus, we’ll create a custom analytics dashboard so we can proactively monitor your website’s performance over time and make any adjustments needed. It’s a smarter, consultative approach where every decision is based on data and strategy – not just on what looks best.

Throughout the project, you’ll have a Creative Director by your side to translate your goals into technical specifications for our Designers, Developers, and Writers to implement. You’ll also work with a Project Lead who will help keep the project running smoothly by managing deadlines, coordinating feedback, and keeping track of action items. We want you to have fun with your new website build, so we work hard to make sure you feel empowered and supported every step of the way.  

Meet the Team

Caroline Jennings

Caroline Jennings

Founder and Creative Director

As the woman behind Word of Web, Caroline sets the strategic foundation for each and every project. Unlike other agency leaders, Caroline is involved from beginning to end, ensuring your site is exactly what you envisioned. As our Creative Director, she’ll translate your vision into technical specifications and a smart structure, laying a foundation for your site’s success. You’ll discuss your ideas, business goals, timeline, and budget with her — and she’ll turn your discussions into an actionable plan, keeping everyone aligned throughout the process. As a UX designer with a background in psychology and neuroscience, she ensures the team is equipped with the strategies needed to design a website that’s everything you and your customers want it to be.

Kaile Zucca

Kaile Zucca

Project Lead

Emily O'Kane

Emily O'Kane

Project Lead

Scott Marcley

Scott Marcley

Director of Writing

Anthony Reese

Anthony Reese

Director of Design & Development

Krystel Schley

Krystel Schley

Senior Writer

Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin

Senior Designer

Angela Lynn

Angela Lynn

Analytics Expert

Our Values

How we think and work sets us apart from the crowd. Here are the core beliefs and principles that drive us to deliver the results you deserve, every day.

Word of Web | Website Design, Development, and Writing | Our Values | Be Collaborative

Be Collaborative

We believe in acting like your partner, not your vendor.

Word of Web | Website Design, Development, and Writing | Our Values | Be Strategic

Be Strategic

We believe that your business goals should drive all website decisions.

Word of Web | Website Design, Development, and Writing | Our Values | Be Clever

Be Clever

We believe in trying new things and finding creative solutions to complex problems.

Word of Web | Website Design, Development, and Writing | Our Values | Be Helpful

Be Helpful

We believe in supporting you every step of the way, no matter what it takes.

Word of Web | Website Design, Development, and Writing | Our Values | Be Human

Be Human

We believe that tech jargon is for robots. We’re real, approachable, and authentic in every interaction.

Word of Web | Website Design, Development, and Writing | Our Values | Be Transparent

Be Transparent

We believe that honesty and open communication are keys to success.

Word of Web team on Zoom

Where We Are

We’re a nationally-distributed, remote team with a personal, local feel.

Our experience wrangling teams and time zones has given us razor-sharp communication and organization skills, giving us an advantage over the traditional agency.

Wherever you are in the world, we’ll see you on the internet.

Testimonials Kind Words
From Our Clients

“Where do I begin? You managed to provide very clear, consistent, and timely service...while also delivering a site that amplifies my brand beyond expectations.”

— Hannah Robinson, gobananasocial

“Word of Web did an excellent job with our website. Attentive. Professional. Prompt. Creative. We would highly recommend Word of Web to any business looking for a custom website.”

— Ann Moore, CHIC Salon Suites

“I met with Word of Web once, went back to running my business, then walked into a meeting a few weeks later and saw all the concepts in action with the site built out. It was amazing – saved me weeks of work.”

— Ben Cure, Cure Fitness

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