LJS Solutions

An industry leader in creating innovative storage and inventory management solutions for warehousing, distribution, and retail environments.

1. Blueprint

Strategy, UX, Branding

Our Blueprint – Word of Web’s proprietary roadmapping engagement – focused on building out a plan (with price-points and timelines) for bringing LJS Solutions’ dream website to life.

Modernizing the Site Design

LJS felt that their website design didn’t reflect the modern, cutting-edge nature of their business. The aesthetics fell flat, and in some places, made the text hard to read. We decided that we would give the website a ‘facelift’ by adding interesting fonts, high-resolution videos and images, interactive buttons and menus, and subtle background patterns. Our goal was to create a website that would stand out from the crowd.

Standing Out from the Competition

Our biggest challenge was figuring out how to make LJS stand out in a crowded market. We started by identifying competitors, audiences, and key differentiators so that we could hone in on which services were most important to highlight. Then, we created a plan outlining copy according to these priorities, focusing on incorporating industry-related SEO keywords, and simplifying technical jargon.

2. Implementation

Writing, Design, WordPress Development, SEO

We started by writing copy for the site, using the messaging guidelines and sitemap we created during the Blueprint phase as a guide. Our copywriters included industry-specific SEO keywords so that people would be able to find the LJS website when searching those terms in Google. We then moved into our design and development phase, building the site structure around our finalized content and incorporating the visual elements we created during our Blueprint phase. After just one round of revisions, we landed on a website design that LJS felt perfectly reflected their vision!

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3. Iteration

Analytics, Support

After we published the site, we created a custom data dashboard for LJS so that they could track the success metrics they cared about – most importantly, lead conversion rates. Now, Word of Web meets with LJS twice per year to review this dashboard, assess website performance, and identify opportunities for improvement based on the data. We also send LJS an annotated report each month so that they can understand their website performance in real-time. Throughout the year, Word of Web proactively monitors site performance and implements improvements based on LJS’s goals and budget.

“Before working with Word of Web we had gone through a string of unsuccessful web developers. What was missing from those developers was the actual planning of the website. WOW does it all from start to finish. They handled the planning stage, design, copywriting and now we are working with them to maintain our site. They made what had been a painful process in the past a smooth one. I would recommend Word of Web to any company that needs a team that will hold your hand and take care of it all.”

— Tori Jones, LJS Solutions

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